Thursday, October 1, 2020

Postcrossing: It's All About The Postcard

You like to get mail, eh? Well, so do I ace, so let's start talkin'!

I just debuted my blog today, and I already feel like I've waited too long to discuss this.  Trust me, a beautiful stranger, YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT POSTCROSSING!

Postcrossing is a project that was created in 2005 to help people who like to get mail!

It's simple:

1. Visit and create a free account.

2.  Request an address and a postcard-ID.

3.  Write a postcard.

4.  Patiently* wait for someone to write back.


*Patience is not required, just recommended. Pace the living room anxiously while waiting for the mailman if you so desire.

Once you get a postcard, do whatever you like with it. 

The important thing is to appreciate it!  A stranger just took the time to send you mail!

Postcrossing, will help you receive mail from every corner of the planet (countries I've never even heard of) and you are guaranteed to get mail from cool people.  Through Postcrossing, you will encounter people with different beliefs, race, age and gender. This is a good thing. Postcrossing is really awesome!

So please, I beg you, visit Support the USPS and other mailing systems around the world, practice social distancing from a VERY safe distance, and make yourself and a stranger happy.  Mail a postcard!

Questions:  Have you ever used Postcrossing? Do you send postcards to family or friends? If you were a mail carrier, would you read postcards before delivering them (I would)?😁

How I Store My Postcard Collection

I love to get mail!

All mail.

Truth? My heart beats faster when Kroger sends me my "valued customer" coupons. The free gardening catalog I requested online is here? Huzzah! Bring it baby!

Mailman Paul doesn't even know the joy he delivers to my life when he shoves high quality mail into my mailbox. Holiday cards? Birthday cards?! Packages?!?

The USPS really determines my mood for the day.

Which brings me to postcards.  Ahh, yes, postcards. The coolest, sleekest mail in town.  Nothing screams "I'm cool" like getting a postcard in the mail.  Writers, hold your envelops!  There are no secrets here, everyone who handles my mail gets to know my postcard business.

What does Mailman Paul learn when he finds a tiny paper rectangle with MY name on it?  For starters, I have friends everywhere. Smart friends! Environmentally conscious friends!  Friends who know how to mail me tiny messages for cheaper than the cost of a full priced postage stamp!

Yeah sure, my in-laws like to travel and send me weather updates via mail. Blah blah blah, whatever.

Regardless of the details, I get a lot of postcards and postcards are awesome, so I collect them!

How do I store my postcards?  I'm glad you asked!

I searched high and low for a postcard storage method, and a lot of what I found was expensive and not appealing. Postcards are unique and beautiful! They need to be showcased!

My wants for a storage system: an album (not a box or drawer),  cheap (definitely less than $50), flexible inserts with easy to find refills, and a classy look.  Definitely classy.  Also, I didn't want to have to remove my postcards from storage in order to read them.

Here's what I came up with...

This is a Simple Stories 6"x 8" SNAP designer binder.  I chose the yellow striped pattern, but there are plenty of different colors and patterns to choose from.  The binder has metal corners and a metal bookplate which give my postcard collection the classy style I was looking for. ;)

The binder has a two ring binder mechanism without boosters.  If you are not up to date on your binder lingo, this means there are two circles inside of the binder and that the circles don't have a handle thingy at the bottom. Instead, you pry the rings open with your fingers in order to add sheet protectors.

I use these 4 x 6 divided page protectors that come in packs of ten.  These protectors are perfect for storing two standard sized 4 x 6 postcards. For the weird and wonky sized postcards, I use...                        

these 6 x 8 page protectors! As can be seen in the wonky-sized examples above, the large postcards mixed with the 4x6 postcards creates a layered look which reminds me of a loaded junk journal.  Minor-ly chaotic, but beautiful nonetheless!

This picture is a bit strange because I edited the photo to remove my address and the kind words of my pen-pals/unsuspecting blog stars. I wanted to include this though to let you know that I don't put postcards back to back.  I think it's important to be able to flip through a postcard collection and read the postcards without removing them from protection. However, if you like privacy or like the pictures on your postcards but HATE the messages from your friends, there is enough space in the protectors to store postcards back-to-back.

This is the back of my album where I conveniently store empty pages for future mail.

This is the front of my album. No pockets. No title page. Nothing but postcards baby!

Cost to get started
Album- $9.49
Pack of 4x6 sheet protectors (10 pack)-$3.79
Pack of 6x8 sheet protectors (10 pack)- $3.79
Total- $17.07

I love my postcard collection.  It's simple and small--- exactly what I was looking for to showcase my cute little mail.

Questions: Do you have a postcard collection?  If yes,  how do you store your postcards? If no, what's the matter with you?


Welcome! Thanks for visiting my brand new blog! I don't really know what I am doing (umm: what's html? domain names? permalinks? The list goes on...) but I never really know what I'm doing. What I do know is that I like the adventures that coincide with me trying to figure things out.  

I am a perpetual beginner who is always interested in trying something new.  I'm a big believer in trying

Life is short. You best believe I will pursue the things that pique my interest! Snap!

Currently, my highly valued free time is filled with the following activities:

  • Reading
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  • Journaling
  • Thrifting
  • Crafting
  • Running
  • Documenting
  • Music
  • Home renovations
  • Side Hustles
  • Art Projects
  • And now blogging

I am excited to have a place to document and share my adventures.  Maybe you will learn from my experiences, heck maybe even discover a new interest!  At the very least I hope you are entertained by my (mis)adventures.  Thanks for visiting My Hobby Files!  I hope we can be friends!

Questions:  Do you have a hobby?  If yes, what do you like about it? If no, what is something you are interested in trying?